Private Electronic Music Production Lessons

As an extension of our school program, Night Vision also offers 1-on-1 private production lessons. These lessons are designed for anyone who needs advice on a project, help with a mix, a refresh on a lesson, or anything else else to do with the music making (or finishing) process. They are perfect for students with irregular schedules that are interested in our regular courses, advanced students who want to go deep into specific subject, or anyone in-between. Private Production Lessons are 60 minutes long and can be booked at your convenience.

Example Topics

  • Mixing down your song
  • How to use compression
  • Finishing a Song
  • Creating a Sound from a Reference Song
  • VST Plug-Ins Overview
  • Chord Progressions and Music Theory
  • Setting up a Microphone
  • Advice on Building a Home Studio
  • Recording and editing vocals
  • Using Ableton for Live Performance
  • Ableton Push Tutorial
  • And any topic you can think of!

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How to Book Your Private Session

  1. Choose the package you'd like
  2. Input your phone and email contact details
  3. Once you have purchased the package, we will contact you to book your first lesson. Alternatively, shoot us an email at

If you have any additional questions or wish to contact your instructor Adam Johan, email us at

Adam Johan, Ableton Instructor

About the Instructor

Adam Johan is a music producer and DJ currently based out of Alberta, Canada. Having spent the last few years traveling the world and honing his craft, he moved back to Edmonton in 2014 to become a part of Night Vision and propel the music scene forward in his home town. Adam is a professionally trained producer with a diverse production background. While living in London, Adam attended the internationally renowned production school Point Blank UK.  After that, he moved on to Los Angeles and graduated from the equally well regarded production school Icon Collective.

In addition to his production skills, he's also an excellent teacher who's able to explain complex processes and techniques in easy-to-understand ways. You'll walk away from his classes with a deep and powerful understanding of how to produce electronic music.