Workshop and Course Instructors

About the Night Vision Music Academy:

Launched in 2015, the Night Vision Music Academy was developed by a group of passionate producers and DJs to be everything a budding artist needs to get a strong start in the world of electronic music. Based on music production schools like Point Blank, Icon Collective, and Beatdrop, we provide weekly instruction on how to produce music in Ableton — as well as DJ lessons, studio space, workshops, and 1-on-1 mentorship.

About the Opportunity:

We’re looking for qualified instructors who can develop and teach courses and workshops related to electronic music production.

A few examples of course / workshop topics we’re interested in:

  • Introduction to Ableton
  • Mixing
  • Synthesis and Sound Design
  • Music Theory, Composition, Songwriting
  • Music Business, Artist Management, Event Marketing

Currently our courses are structured in 12 week semesters with one, 90 min class taking place per week with an average of 6 students per class. Our workshops are 90 -120 mins long and typically take place on weekend. We’re always reworking our format however and this is likely to change over time. We are open to other course / workshop suggestions outside of the ones you see above.

Primary Duties:

  • Curriculum Development & Improvement
  • Teaching the course (weekly classes and/or weekend workshops)
  • Participating in school events like Open Houses or Meet-ups where applicable
  • Answering student and potential student questions
  • Writing and distributing class notes to students
  • Assigning and grading homework in a timely matter

The Right Candidate Will Have:

  • A master level knowledge of your topic of teaching
  • A strong understanding of Ableton
  • Strong public speaking skills
  • Strong customer service skills
  • A passion for electronic music
  • A production track record that showcases your applied knowledge (where applicable)
  • Prior experience teaching (not necessarily Ableton, but that would be a bonus)
  • Post secondary education of some type (preferably music production or education related)

The Night Vision Music Academy is a unique place to work. Our concept has never been tried before in Edmonton and we’re looking for people who are excited to try new ideas, build community, and inspire students to take music production to the next level. Much of our work is self directed and requires a lot of personal motivation. We’re seeking passionate individuals who will take this position and make it their own.

Please send us an email at that includes a brief bio, a resume of any relevant experience, and a portfolio of your production work.

  • The Night Vision Music Academy Team

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