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Projection Mapping and Video Lessons in Edmonton
Video Projection Mapping in Edmonton
Projection Mapping Lessons in Edmonton

Intro to 3d Projection and Video Mapping

Night Vision Music Academy, in partnership with Edmonton Digital Arts College, is proud to offer Edmonton's first-ever video projection mapping course. Designed to introduce aspiring video artists to the art of 3D projection mapping, this 6 week course, will breakdown the fundamental concepts behind video projection mapping and how to apply it to your own projects and events. Click here to register!

Who Should Take This Course?

People who want to jump into the world of video projection and visual projection art.

Do I Need Any Prior Experience?

Nope, no prior experience is necessary.

What You'll Leave Class Knowing

The core concepts behind 3D projection mapping: how to set up video clips, how to operate projectors, how to design projection surfaces, performance techniques, practical applications of 3D video projection, and more.

What's Included

  • 6, 90-Minute lessons
  • Projectors for students to work on while in class
  • Feedback on assignments and in-class work
  • Opportunity for mid-week support and questions via e-mail
  • Discounts on NVMA private lessons and special events

Course Requirements

  • Laptop Computer
  • Installed copy of Resolume Arena - Note, there is a free version available from their website that can be used for the duration of the course. No purchase necessary.
  • Headphones

Course Length

  • 6 Weeks

Course Dates & Times

  • Monday October 17th (6:00PM-7:30PM)
  • Monday October 24th (6:00PM-7:30PM)
  • Monday October 31st (6:00PM-7:30PM)
  • Monday November 7th (6:00PM-7:30PM)
  • Monday November 14th (6:00PM-7:30PM)
  • Monday November 21st (6:00PM-7:30PM)


  • $300 + GST (covers 9 hours of in-class instruction!)
  • Limited to 8 registrations

About the Instructor

Owen Brierly, Instructor

Owen Brierley is a Digital Media Producer based in Edmonton, Alberta with over 15 years experience. You'll find him at events and festivals across Alberta providing incredible visuals.

Owen has been pursuing media production projects that explore the forefront of blending arts and technology. Working on projects like the Citadel Theatre’s production of “Make Mine Love,” projection mapping events like Make Something Edmonton’s “Sound, Light & Vision,” or creating gigantic projected murals for La Cite Francophone’s Flying Canoe Festival, are all part of the continual pursuit of merging technology and arts into a seamless, engaging whole. Owen is currently the Executive Director at Edmonton Digital Arts College and has worked with Alberta Education, NAIT, U of A, MacEwan University, Athabasca University, the Banff Centre, CityTV, Global Visions Film Festival, YESS, Startup Edmonton, and many others in the Edmonton community.

Owen’s roles typically involve leadership, creative facilitation, strategy, forecasting, analysis and design, and user experience design. Owen is an active speaker and champion of the digital media industry in Alberta.

Here are some samples of Owen's projection work: