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Learn core skills needed to become a DJ. We'll show you the ins and outs of industry standard DJ gear and help you develop the skills to use it. If you've ever wanted to learn how to DJ, our downtown Edmonton studio is the perfect place to learn!

  • Each lesson is 60-minutes long
  • Lessons are taught 1-on-1 by experienced professional DJs
  • Lessons are taught on industry standard DJ gear (2x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus' and a Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus Mixer). We provide all gear needed!
  • No experience is necessary

Sample Topics Covered

  • Introduction to DJing - the equipment, the terms, and how to get started
  • Basic music theory: tempo, timing, and song structure
  • Beat-matching
  • Using the headphones, cueing songs
  • How to use effects and when
  • How to use EQs
  • Mixing techniques: acapellas, blends, cuts, and more
  • Library and File Management
  • Where to find music, how to find high quality files.
  • What is melodic mixing and how can it elevate your sets
  • And much more



Questions? Email or call 780 399 8870




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Pricing (includes GST)

  • 4 Lesson Package (4 hours) - $220
  • 8 Lessons Package (8 hours) - $420 (5% discount)
  • 12 Lessons Package (12 hours) - $600 (10% discount)

DJ Lesson Sign-Up Instructions

  1. Click the 4 lesson, 8 lesson,  or 12 lesson buttons above and proceed though the check out
  2. Once you receive our confirmation email, reply to it with your preferred lesson time.
  3. An instructor will contact you by phone to arrange your first lesson
  4. Your lessons from there will be booked directly through your instructor

Meet the DJ Instructors

Gavin Delainey

Gavin, also known as Dailey, is a long-time veteran of the Edmonton music scene. As an artist, he has releases out on numerous local and international labels. As a DJ, he's played opening sets for artists such as Ryan Wells, Claptone, Justin Martin, J Phlip, and has played at festivals like Astral Harvest, Zion Noiz, and the Downtown Defrost. He is also Night Vision's A & R and Studio Manager.

David Luca


David is one half of the DJ duo Audio Sex and has been DJing across Alberta for the past 6 years with extensive experience playing a wide range of shows, from festivals to clubs. His festival credits include Astral Havest, Burning Man and Zion Noiz and he has opened for world class DJs such as DJ Shadow, Kaytranada, Justin Martin, Bonobo, and more.

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Andrew DJs under two aliases: NVS and Dunmore Park. With over a decade of DJ experience, Andrew has been engrossed in DJ culture for quite some time. He has a wide range of experience playing a variety of genres and has opened for DJs like Justin Martin, Kastle, Sabo, Ryan Wells, Max Ulis, Bonobo, Christian Martin, Neighbour and many more.