Music Production Level 1

Everything you need to start making music with Ableton Live. Over 12 weeks, we will break down the barriers of electronic music production. Covering music theory, drum programing, recording, session view, and more essential topics.

Music Production Level 2

Level2 concentrates on creating original sounds and getting songs to a professional level. Lessons on synthesis, mixing, and more will leave students with a deep understanding of synthesis and a solid grasp on how to properly mix their music.

Music Production Level 3

Multiband Compression

Our level 3 course is designed for producers who have completed levels 1 and 2 and are looking to expand their knowledge of mix-downs, synthesis, song writing, and the music finishing process. We will be running only one level 3 course per semester.

Other Services

DJ Lessons

A one-on-one introduction to DJing. Teaching basic skills and fundamentals such as beat matching, cueing, equipment set up, troubleshooting, and more. We provide industry standard equipment for you to learn on.

1-on-1 Production Lessons

Private production sessions are specially designed for anyone who needs advice on a project, help with a mix, a refresh on a lesson, or anything else to do with the music making (or finishing) process.

Studio Rental



We also offer the option to simply rent our newly constructed, acoustically treated studio space for whatever purpose you'd like.